EstVis software key features

This article provides general description of EstVis key features that help Collision repair business to automate significant number of various processes and routines as well as increase the business process speed, KPIs, profits, and decrease costs.

Please see the video below to see EstVis key features and learn how it can simplify your business processes.



EstVis is a software that streamlines various business processes in a bodyshop, including case management, estimate, parts and invoices processing, payroll generating, customer service and many other features. The software streamlines the process of generating and signing Work authorization forms making it absolutely paperless, saving time and significantly reducing manual filling. EstVis simplifies the process of photo documentation allowing users to choose preliminary photos or use default templates.

EstVis integrates with estimating systems like Mitchell® Connect, CCC® and Audatex®, allowing users to view estimate lines, assign employees, generate reports, send part requests, and add customizable actions. The software also allows for easy access to parts lists and payrolls, allowing bodyshop managers to easily check parts and materials usage history and details.
EstVis provides customer service and notifications, allowing customers to receive notifications during the repair process. With automatical requesting the customer to take damage photos and signing Work authorization form the bodyshop can pre-order spare parts for repair, reducing the time spent in the bodyshop. EstVis allows to schedule appointments including vehicle drop-off and pick-up with color coding for easy navigation.

EstVis improves in-shop interactions and supplements processing for bodyshop workers. The software allows to automatically import of insurance company assignments and estimates. EstVis Workflow includes metrics and reports to control efficiency, KPIs, and materials usage. EstVis also helps maintain warehouse control and streamlines accounting by providing special sections for payrolls, invoices and payments management within QuickBooks integration.

1. Case management

EstVis is a software which allows you to manage a significant number of business processes occurring in your company. The case management features allow, among many other things to:

  • control and manage vehicles that are being repaired in bodyshop;
  • assign staff to vehicles, including estimators, bodytechs, painters and auditors;
  • see and be notified with repairing vehicles’ possible issues;
  • change the vehicles’ current repair status;
  • read and send messages, make and receive phone calls from/to customers;
  • process invoices for parts and labors;
  • create and manage payrolls;
  • schedule drop off and pick up date and time;
  • control shop KPIs and manage statistics.


2. Work authorization generating and signing

The software greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of signing Work authorization forms by the customer. In addition there is no need to print out the form and time-consuming manual filling.

Whenever a new case is created in the system (whether manually or imported automatically from a third-party estimating software), if the customers’s contact details are available, EstVis automatically generates a PDF file with a Work authorization form pre-filled with all available customer and vehicle data, such as: first and last name, cell phone number, email, address, vehicle make, model, year and VIN, claim number etc.

The customer is sent a link to the generated web page where he can read and sign the form or make the necessary changes to the data of the pre-filled form and sign it.
After that in the folder containing all the documentation for a particular vehicle, a PDF file with the Work authorization form signed by the customer is saved.

Thus in the process of dropping off the vehicle, the customer only needs to hand over the vehicle keys.

The Work authorization form can also be generated in EstVis mobile client and filled in ‘on the fly’ by the bodyshop staff in coordination with the customer.

3. Photo documentation

EstVis helps users to significantly save time on the photo documentation process. It is enough to choose a preliminary photos (insurance company) template or use the default one and the application will conveniently guide the user suggesting which photos and in what order they need to be taken.

EstVis photo documentation in mobile app

The process of estimate lines photo documentation as well as complete and supplements photos is just as easily and conveniently implemented.

4. Estimate processing

EstVis integrates with the most common estimating systems like Mitchell® Connect, CCC® and Audatex®. Estimate written in one of this system is automatically imported to EstVis.

In the Estimate section users can see estimate lines with description, operation, labor type, estimated time, part number, price etc. Also, user can:

  • assign employee to a specific estimate line or to the whole labors group;
  • generate report file (Microsoft® Excel format) to see employee’s work plan;
  • change the estimate line to sublet labor and schedule it;
  • send part request to the vendors added to the Workflow;
  • add customizable actions that are triggered automatically according to the given conditions.


5. Parts and invoices processing

EstVis makes invoice management easier. There is no necessity to waste your time on uploading invoices to the system manually when they come. Just open EstVis mobile application on your iOS or Android device and use scanner function – all invoices will be automatically saved in the case folder on your computer.

After that EstVis Workflow allows to automatically recognize the imported invoices and helps to post them in a convenient way.

Also you can control and manage the parts for each vehicle. You will see the parts list with their numbers, descriptions, quantity, price and total cost. Color coding allows to quickly orient user in the parts list and know if they are not ordered, expected or received.

For those who prefer to keep track of the parts usage, EstVis provides the transferring parts feature, which involves the parts transfer from one employee to another by scanning with the smartphone of the receiving staff a QR code automatically generated on the transferring staff smartphone. Bodyshop manager or owner can then easily check all the parts transferring operations history and details.

6. Payrolls generating

EstVis Workflow includes the Payrolls section that helps user to view/find payrolls and add a new one. It also gives the information about total number of hours and number of hours left to pay and may potentially be paid after the work is completed. All the payrolls are highlighted in different colors, which makes it easy to navigate.

While the case (the vehicle) is moving from one repair status to another EstVis automatically calculates and generates payrolls which can be viewed, exported to a separate file or printed if necessary.

The calculating payrolls logic is quite customizable which allows to take into account the various nuances and conditions used in each specific bodyshop.

7. Customer service and notifications

Once a customer has contacted an insurance company and an assignment is created, you can keep in touch with him. EstVis automatically accompanies and promptly notifies the customer at every needed step: from the moment the claim was made until the moment he picks up his car from the bodyshop. Each time the vehicle is moved from one repair status to another, the customer receives a notification.

EstVis helps users to save time by automatically requesting the customer to provide the bodyshop with damage photos and sign Work authorization form.

There is no need to first drop off the vehicle to initiate the repair process – based on the VIN plate and damage photos received from the customer and the Work authorization signed distantly, the bodyshop can immediately order parts for repair significantly reducing the time the vehicle is in the bodyshop.

There are only 3 easy steps the customer needs to do:

  1. By providing the bodyshop with the cell phone number or email he receives an automatically generated message with a link, detailed instruction and video tutorial;
  2. By clicking the link the customer opens a web page where he is explained step-by-step which parts of the vehicle he needs to take photo of. This includes not only damaged parts of the vehicle from different angles, but also a VIN plate;
  3. All taken photos are automatically sent to your bodyshop through EstVis and become available to bodyshop staff. They are stored in a convenient format in the case folder. Due to this, the estimator can make a pre-estimate and order the parts needed to fix the vehicle.


8. Scheduling appointments

Schedule tab which is a part of EstVis Workflow is used for scheduling several appointments such as vehicles drop off and pick up.

On the interface left side you can see unscheduled cases and, on the right, a calendar with corresponding events.

The calendar includes color coding to help you navigate easily among appointments with different vehicle damage levels.

9. In-shop interactions

The communication between shop staff is conveniently provided with the built-in messenger. As well user can add notes to the case and create tasks which are immediately submitted to corresponding or mentioned colleagues informing them about important things.

One more significant feature is supplements processing. When a bodyshop worker uploads a photo in the case an estimator and other bodyshop workers are notified. A special icon appears on the case which indicates that a supplement was added. In addition you can enable auto sending an email to estimator with the supplement details.

10. Interactions with insurance companies

Estvis integrates with a most common estimating systems like Mitchell® Connect, CCC® and Audatex®. Due to this integration it is possible to automatically import the assignment created by insurance company as well as the estimate directly to EstVis.

Everytime assignment is created EstVis automatically creates a case and places it to Opportunities bucket. If the assignment includes the customer contact data (cell phone number and/or email) EstVis automatically send him damage photos and signing work authorization request.

The photo and other documentation created during the repair process can be easily and quickly sent to the insurance company with just one-click action. All files will be automatically prepared in accordance with the insurance company requirements and description will be placed on the corresponding photos.

11. Metrics and reports

EstVis Workflow includes various reports and metrics which help to control the bodyshop processes efficiency, KPI and many other parameters such as:

The Paint materials metrics shows the difference between calculated paint materials provided by the estimate and its actual consumption. This is available due to EstVis integration with color formulation and paint mixing equipment and software such as PPG® & Axalta® which allows
to manage and control paint consumption directly in the application.

Pay attention to the special red sign (displayed over the case in Workflow) that means actual paint materials consumption for the case exceeds the value calculated by the estimate which requires creating an invoice for the additional expenses.

EstVis Paint materials metrics


The Corrections metrics shows the number of labor hours which have been fixed due to the estimating software inaccuracy. Some even famous estimating software systems sometimes indicate the type of body/refinish labor incorrectly or cut the labor time and do not select mechanical labor automatically for the lines where it should be applied.

In the case of refinish labor this deprives the bodyshop of compensation for additional necessary paint materials as well. EstVis monitors such errors and automatically makes the necessary edits to the estimate.

EstVis Corrections metrics


The Additional services metrics shows the number of ordered additional services and the income from them.

EstVis automatically sends messages to customers with the offer of additional services in accordance with the specified conditions. You can customize the list of these services, as well as their cost. Text and title of the message offering additional services as well as the trigger by which offers are sent to customers is also configurable. For example, such a sending can occur every time the case is moved to the ’Assembly’ bucket.

All these customizations are available in your company account settings on website.

12. Materials operating

Materials operating features help to keep a strict control of materials in stock. All operations, such as the materials supply or receiving from the warehouse are strictly recorded. Employees can find out if certain materials (and parts as well) are in warehouse with the help of software.

13. Accounting features

There are some software features that ease accounting management – EstVis Workflow includes special sections for these purposes:

Payroll section helps keep records of paid work for employees by hour or by percentage. It also gives the information about total number of hours and number of hours left to pay and may potentially be paid after the work is completed.

Invoice section helps to keep records of received parts and their suppliers. It is also possible to close an accounting period to reconcile settlements with the supplier.

Payment section allows to manage repairs payment information. As well EstVis can automatically notify about payment delays.

QuickBooks section implements integration with QuickBooks® accounting software and is very convenient for automatic uploading invoices and repair payments to QuickBooks®.

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