How can a bodyshop optimize their in-shop interactions and customer service


Currently many companies and bodyshops in particular are striving to optimize the structure of internal (between employees) and external (customer service) interactions.

The results of such optimization are:

  • significant reduction in communication costs;
  • significant reduction in labor costs associated with customer service;
  • a modern approach and increasing loyalty and level of satisfaction with the quality of service provided by your bodyshop customers.

In this short article we will tell you about the components and principles of the optimization approach, which we came to based on many years of experience and testing of various components in real conditions in our bodyshops.

What is described below is effectively used in many bodyshops, and they can confidently claim a significant reduction in costs and increase in the efficiency and quality of services provided to bodyshop customers.




Hardware and software components of communications


There are plenty VoIP providers and free PBX systems.

We use Localphone as a VoIP provider at our shops and it cost us less than $10 a month for 5 lines.

For the PBX we use FreePBX and it doesn’t cost us anything and it is running on HP t620 thin client that is ∼$40 on eBay (before we were running it on the same machine we have CCC installed – so you don’t need t620). You can record all the conversations on demand. Everything you will ever need is in this phone system.

As well Cisco 7960 phones you can find ∼$100 per 10 of them. So you can install them everywhere – paint, body, detail, front office.

As a PoE switch – Cisco 3750x 48, ∼$120 delivered on eBay. Not only aggregates, prioritize and route entire shop traffic but also provides power, has fiber SFP, second power source and 12V external battery backup. That is the best combination for the $ in our opinion.


Professional software for bodyshops


But the ultimate combination is integration with EstVis – all-in-one bodyshop software.
You will have:

  • automatic SMS/emails/push notifications to the customers;
  • incoming phone calls shows up with RO, repair stage, customer’s name;
  • call back with one click;
  • Dormant customer’s report (when scheduled customers never responded on SMS, email or phone call);
  • and much more…



All the text, email, phone calls are recorded and kept in one folder, and you can see who, when and how contact customer at any time.


How can bodyshop deploy all that stuff


Deploying and configuring network and communication equipment in an enterprise requires special knowledge and skills.

Technical specialists at EstVis are ready to take on these tasks and implement turnkey installation and configuration of all the above-described components in your bodyshop.


If you want to learn more about the described optimization or get a free consultation, please feel free to contact us by email: or call us: 407 652 33 01