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All photo documentation process extremely easy and fast in just few clicks

About EstVis

Estimate Visualization (EstVis) is a part of Damagenet Project that was designed to help bodyshops take, organize and retrieve pictures of the vehicles they are working on, utilizing smartphones.

  • EstVis is supported on PC (Windows). Mobile clients are available for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Simply download it on PC or your iOS/Android device, register and it’s ready to use!
  • EstVis is completely free to use*. If you own a body shop, just download and register. Simple as that!
    * Free use period lasts up to December 31, 2019

Central Database

Central pictures database makes it easy for many users to collaborate. You always can check progress, view damage photos no matter where you are. Even from your smartphone!

Perfectly Organized

Name of the case folder contains: Year, Make, scanned VIN number, case number. For example :”2012-Porsche-WP0AA7523VY112570-225"

Working with Pictures never been so easy

Sorts pictures in correspondence with the estimate lines no matter what sequence they were taken in

Stamps pictures with estimate lines/notes, identifying parts and procedures documented

Compresses HD image for insurance companies, leaving HD instance for body shop use

Useful Audio Notes Feature

Leave audio notes for tech generated supplements and inner shop communications

Why do you need EstVis?

We tried to make a useful app for wide range of specialists in body shops. From Front desk to reviewing repaired areas. Here are some features you might like:

Front Desk

Taking preliminary (set-up) pictures, related/unrelated pictures outlined by the customer. Insurance template help novice employees to take all necessary pictures according to particular insurance guidelines


Document damaged, wrong parts received, generating supplement request for the person in charge


Request supplements for miss damage, adding audio requests, with no need to walk to/wait for person in charge. Eliminating last moment supplement requests


Having access to central picture database can review/add pictures taken by front desk, listen for audio notes (customer’s concerns), document estimate with no need for printed copy in hand. Making supplement pictures and audio notes

Quality Inspection

Document damaged, wrong parts received, generating supplement request for the person in charge


HD pictures available by simple VIN scan, should any customer concern arise

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