Software for contactless services in Bodyshops
Use EstVis to instantly communicate with customers and teammates, automate and speed up routine operations, have pictures of the damage, invoices, and reports organized and easily accessed
  • Touch-free car repair
  • Electronic documentation processing distantly including electronic work authorization form
  • Avoid personal interactions between customer and CSR as well as between bodyshop staff
  • Remote pick-up and drop-off
  • Automated, fast, convenient, paperless communication with customers
  • High Definition wireless photos, guided by Insurance templates and estimate lines. Low resolution copy for insurance companies
  • Work Authorizations, rental agreements, prefilled and ready to print or electronically sign
  • Convenient in-shop communication: e-mail and pop-up supplement requests, containing pictures and voice records
  • Major OBDII scanners integration. Pre and Post scan reports added to the documentation folder
  • Automated repair status updates sent to customers. Review requests after delivery
Electronic paperwork prepared using assignment/estimate information
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Guided by Insurance templates and estimate lines photos, sorted, marked and easy to find
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Automatic and manual repair stage notifications. Bi-directional customer's communications
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Seamless in shop communications, without work process interruption and unnecessary walking
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One click insurer's documentation upload
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Pre and Post scanner reports integration
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